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Title: Integrations with CAS systems
Post by: ndobie on October 10, 2013, 12:53:40 PM

We are currently scoping out what it will take to build an API that will enable us to load data from NursingCAS and PTCAS into our Admissions database, Intelliworks.  For those that have built integrations into their systems, regardless of your ERP, can you provide some insight to the following?
1. Estimated project hours it took to build, test and deploy.
2. What type of roadblocks did you encounter?
3. Is there an easy way to export test data?
4. Do you find that .cvs or .xls exports are problematic? Our hope was to have something with a different delimiter to avoid issues if there are fields that happen to pass commas. Curious how others deal with this.
5. How much do the CAS systems change on an annual basis and does it require you to make significant updates to your integrations? I am trying to get a sense of the annual upkeep and effort.
6. How much lead time is provided to make those annual updates?

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