CAS-ERP Data Integration Committee

Liaison, in partnership with their hosted Centralized Application Systems (CAS), has created an CAS-ERP Data Integration Committee comprised of individuals using some of the major ERP systems (Banner, PeopleSoft) - we are still looking for individuals using Datatel and Jenzabar to join the committee - to improve, and to respond to questions about, CAS-ERP data integration within all programs and schools participating in any CAS and to provide guidance for those programs and schools who are contemplating CAS membership.

The charge to the Committee includes:

  1. optimizing CAS-ERP data integration procedures by providing advice related to the design of CAS applications from an ERP administrators point of view, offering instruction to other ERP administrators and admissions personnel seeking to build their own integrations, and creating 'best practices' guidelines to improve the knowledge of each stakeholder group.
  2. developing CAS-ERP integration FAQs, Case Studies and Knowledge Bases for admissions officers and ERP administrators,
  3. improving the communication among the three primary stakeholders involved in these integrations: the Admissions personnel at participating schools, IT staff responsible for executing integrations, and the Liaison development team that makes CAS data available through the maintenance of an online Forum that will facilitate such communication and provide a repository for all related documentation, with the ultimate goal of
  4. reducing the amount of effort required to create new and modify existing ERP integrations.

Current Membership:

Banner Users

PeopleSoft Users CAS Representative Liaison International Academic Software Plus

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